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Aigua Sea Achool Vita Bel Pirates
Offering windsurfing, sailing and catamaran sailing courses in the North West of Mallorca.
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Activity Type: Sea School

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Wind & Friends

Offering sailing and windsurfing at their water sports school Wind & Friends is in the Bay of Alcudia/Mallorca.

In one of the best locations for watersports with great conditions for beginners and advanced alike, its a great place to learn to sail.

Wind and Friends is acknowledged by both the German assocaition of sailing schools and watersports schools as a recognised training centre.

With Alcudia's wide and sandy beach that gently slopes into the sea is perfectly suited for watersport activities.

Situated on one of the longest and most beautiful beaches of the Balearic Islands, that is protected from strong winds and high waves, its the perfect location to learn how to master the art of windsurfing and sailing.

Activity Types

boat rental
day sail
scuba diving
sea school
yacht charter
yacht club