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Watersports Mallorca, excellent location to enjoy what the water has to offer.
Playa de Muro

Activity Type: Kitesurfing

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Watersports Mallorca

Watersports Mallorca is a school located in Playa Esperanza which is in the beautiful and unique Bay of Alcudia.

This wonderful place allows people to enjoy all the different water sports they have to offer, combining the sea, sun and nature with good wind conditions, which makes windsurfing and catamaran sailing an unforgettable experience for the whole family, whether you are a beginner or advanced sailor.

The school teaches many different watersports, as well as renting out equipment for experienced adventures.

They also founded the Playa de Muro School in the In the heart of the Albufera Natural Park. This non crowded paradise sits directly on the beach and is the perfect place to take your first steps into waterworld.

The constant thermal winds and breath-taking scenery makes the Playa de Muro School the best place to be and learn to windsurf and kitesurf /kite board.

Activity Types

boat rental
day sail
scuba diving
sea school
yacht charter
yacht club