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Allow Ondine to take you on a journey of discovery to a Mallorcan underwater world.
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Activity Type: Scuba Diving

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Ondine Escape

Allow Ondine to take you on a journey of discovery, to Mallorcan underwater world.

Two thirds of the world's surface is covered by Oceans and it is a fascinating world that we rarely get to see in our day to day lives.

However Ondines Specialist team of Scuba diving instructors, Divemasters Marine Biologists and Captains are on standby to take you on an adventure.

They are specialists in providing personalized services onboard private and chartered yachts around the Balearic islands. Choose from a huge selection of activities including snorkeling, fun diving, dive courses, free diving and more.

Combine this with any of their other services to create your very own tailor made escape. Ondine will provide you with a high level of personalised service, with a maximum of 4 people per Instructor / Divemaster / Biologist for all their activities.

You will also be extremely comfortable in our top of the range aqualung dive and snorkelling equipment.

All this will ensure that you get the most out of your experience with Ondine.

Activity Types

boat rental
day sail
scuba diving
sea school
yacht charter
yacht club