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Mallorca Surf Action festival held every year in Playa de Playa
Playa de Palma

Activity Type: Wakeboarding

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Mallorca Surf Action

Following the success over the past 5 years, the Mallorca Surf Action festival hits the Playa de Palma beach around mid-August.

The festival over the years has gained prestige and international recognition after they have brought together and fused a great program of activities and competitions, which has allowed excellent professionals from across the globe to participate and who are at the top of their individual urban and extreme sports.

This is the essence of this spectacular festival, which has become a world leader, while remaining true to its original spirit, which is a passion for enlightening and teaching the world about windsurf, kitesurf, wakeboard, skimboard, Skate, BMX, Inline, Wakeskate, Paddle Board, and Snake.

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