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C/ Manuela de Los Herreros, 21
Palma de Mallorca

Open: Every day of the week - 10:00 - 18:00
Activity Type: Animals, Educational, Indoors
Suitable for: All ages (free for 3 years)

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Palma Aquarium

It's a spectacular and beautiful underwater world that authentically recreates the habitats and ecosystems of the world’s seas and oceans. It is one of the must see places and activities for children and adults alike.

Palma Aquarium is a spectacular underwater world that faithfully recreates sea and oceanic habitats and ecosystems.

By encouraging interaction between their visitors and the marine world, visitors can enjoy an exciting journey of discoveries.

The Aquarium boasts a number of great things for children to enjoy which includes a huge Pirate Ship in the Mediterranean Gardens area, which is the central feature of the children’s play zone and where the little ones will have a great time searching for hidden treasure.

They also have the excellent “Hands-on Touch Pools” which were designed with the aim of achieving the interaction of visitors with nature: feeling the contact with the animals, learning to listen to the sounds they make and interpreting their movements.

Children can also take part in “Good Night Shark” which is an experience that the children will never forget. They can spend a magical night at the Aquarium where they can set up camp in the deepest shark tank in Europe. The night is full of surprises with fun-filled educational activities, games, film about sharks as well as dinner and breakfast. Please check the Aquarium's website for further details on the activities they hold.

Palma Aquarium strives to achieve a fundamental objective, which is to foster understanding of the animals and their habitat and allow every visitor of any age to discover the oceans beauty. The aquarium is aware of the importance of combining both educational and entertainment experiences and offers the chance for children to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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