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Open: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - 10.00 - 17.00 (Sundays until 14.00)
Activity Type: Educational, Indoors
Suitable for: All ages (free for 8 years)

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Museum of the Sea

This small maritime museum is worth a visit if you are in the Port of Soller, and it can be combined with a trip on the Soller Train.

The Mallorcans have always had great appreciation for the sea and have used it in many ways throughout the centuries whether it was to feed them, travel, trade or communicate. 

Soller and the Port of Soller, due to its isolation with the rest of the island, has always had stronger links with the sea than most Mallorcan towns as it was a way for them to trade with the rest of the island.

Therefore they became so obsessed with sailing that they have amounted a large collected over the years of ancient naval objects and items associated with the sea.

Its worth checking out this museum if your little ones and amazed and interested by the sea and everything that goes with it.

 You can only access the museum by walking as its situated in a pedestrian area. You could also incorporate a visit to the museum with a ride on the Soller train which is also fun.

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