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Pedro Vaquer Ramis, 9

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Expedition Golf

Embark on a mini golf trek to discover the secrets of an ancient world and a forgotten time.

Two paths of exploration lie before you, each offering 18 skill-testing holes. Which challenge will you accept first? It’s your adventure, so choose wisely. There will be no turning back.

With challenging holes and expansive vistas you may escape without getting burned if your skillful. Whatever course you choose, stay alert and enjoy the course. Namaste and Good Luck.

With your putter in hand, golf ball and a healthy dose of courage, you’ll be ready to test the limits of the Expedition Golf's fire and ice themed mini golf expeditions! Laugh, Play and Explore.

Maybe try your hand at the Glacier Valley, where you will have to undergo a perilous trek carved into the valley’s ancient trade routes. Explore this path by facing the chilling mist of Mount Icefall, which then winds through a hidden crevasse revealing ruins of a forbidden lost city.

Here you´ll discover the remains of an Inner Temple, reflecting the civilization that did not survive . . . or did it? Play a good game and you may just find out.

Or what about the Fire Gods’ Challenge? This treacherous expanse of your expedition will test you. Traverse up to views of the snowy summit of Mount Icefall, then climb down to the depths of a Temple where the Fire Gods come alive!

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Kip McGrath Education Centre Mallorca

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